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Our Policy on Your Privacy

This is a disclosure of the DelmarvaStanless LTD privacy policy. This applies only to information provided to us and collected from our website.

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What information is collected from our website

When you visit our website to make purchases, you provide personal information at check-out that enables us to complete your order. When you fill out an email inquiry or make a quote request through the website, you provide personal information also.

This information is minimal. For example, name, address, phone, email, username and password. Any credit card details are processed securely. No member of our team can see enough information to make use of your card or other payment method.

If you leave comments through our website, this information helps us improve our customer service, products, and product lines.

We never share or sell your information.

You can request a download of the information collected while you visit our store.

If you believe the information is incorrect, please write or email us with and we will correct it.

You can request that your information be deleted. Only information required by law for taxes, etc. must be kept. Only you, store personnel, and website administrators can see your information, and “as needed” only.


Just like any store or service, we observe how our customers navigate our store, where and how they spend their time, etc. Cookies act like store personnel in a brick and mortar store. They are small files that help us keep track of our customers actions while shopping. For instance, cookies can keep track of items you have viewed, items in your shopping cart, etc. Cookies can help our website remember you when you come back, can help us use your your IP address to estimate shipping, taxes, delivery options, fulfillment locations, etc. Search ‘internet cookie’ online for detailed definitions.


In short, we collect information so we can process and ship your order. Only the information you willingly provide is ever collected or used. We also analyze customer shopping behavior to measure and improve our performance. Examples:
  • Communicate with you about your orders and accounts
  • Prevent fraud
  • Improve our product lines
  • Provide shipping and delivery details
  • Resolve issues, process returns
  • Calculate taxes, comply with legal obligations
  • Set up your account for our store
  • Improve our store offerings
  • Communicate marketing messages if you agree to receive them
Our site may contain links to other sites, articles with embedded media such as videos, etc. If you use these links, the privacy policies of external sites and owners of media apply.


We use PayPal to process our orders. Some of your data is sent to PayPal, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.

Please visit PAYPAL for their policy details.

DelmarvaStainless offers a great variety of Stainless Steel and other fine metal products.  Furniture components, stainless steel table bases, stainless steel furniture legs, metal table legs, stainless steel fasteners, brackets, hooks, and more.  We help furnish schools, universities, commercial food services, the hospitality industry, and entertainment venues.  Our bases can be used outdoors.  Search our site for “stainless steel maintenance” to learn how to care for your fine stainless steel.  Remodelers, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts use our table legs and table bases to support kitchen granite overhangs, garage cabinets levelers, river tables, and bath cabinets.  Our bolt-down, or fixed, table bases are perfect for free-standing tables, bar-height bistro tables, bar stools, or any secure table.  We can customize your DelmarvaStainless table legs and bases.  We can cut them to your specific height in most cases.  DMS partners with one of America’s premier manufacturers to produce variations on many of our products.  Ask us if you don’t see it!  Want the best service and lowest prices?  You want DelmarvaStainless.  Quantity discounts are available for quote.