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DelmarvaStainless offers a great variety of Stainless Steel and other fine metal products.  Furniture components, stainless steel table bases, stainless steel furniture legs, metal table legs, stainless steel fasteners, brackets, hooks, and more.  We help furnish schools, universities, commercial food services, the hospitality industry, and entertainment venues.  Our bases can be used outdoors.  Search our site for “stainless steel maintenance” to learn how to care for your fine stainless steel.  Remodelers, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts use our table legs and table bases to support kitchen granite overhangs, garage cabinets levelers, river tables, and bath cabinets.  Our bolt-down, or fixed, table bases are perfect for free-standing tables, bar-height bistro tables, bar stools, or any secure table.  We can customize your DelmarvaStainless table legs and bases.  We can cut them to your specific height in most cases.  DMS partners with one of America’s premier manufacturers to produce variations on many of our products.  Ask us if you don’t see it!  Want the best service and lowest prices?  You want DelmarvaStainless.  Quantity discounts are available for quote.